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Plantar Fasciitis Medium Arch Support Orthopedic Insoles Flat Heel Pain Shock Absorption Comfortable Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Medium Arch Support Orthopedic Insoles Flat Heel Pain Shock Absorption Comfortable Insoles

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As you work or exercise throughout the day, you may not realize that your arches are gradually deforming.
Three-Point Support Mechanism: Arch and heel support can reduce body pressure and reduce long-term foot pain.
U-shaped heel design. Provides foot stability. Keep the bones of the foot vertical and balanced to reduce friction between the foot and the shoe.
Soft, comfortable and breathable fabric absorbs sweat and moisture from your feet to keep them cool. It is also very good in summer.
These insoles help avoid problems with bent arches and give flat feet a new arch. Therefore, most people can use these interiors.


What are flat feet?

The symptom of flat feet is that the soles of feet have little or no arch, and the arch collapses when standing and walking, causing foot pains.


  • [Arch Support Function]

These arch foot insoles distribute the pressure on the plantar fascia, provide great support for your flat feet and help to relieve plantar pain.

  • [Ergonomic Design]

Ergonomic design offers max cushioning and superior comfort for the entire foot. And provides more arch support for the ankle joint, suitable for those who need a combination of cushioning and alignment.

  • [High Quality]

Made of EVA foam, it is soft and lightweight, breathable, and anti-slip. The cushioning EVA foam base and softening step enhance stability, and facilitate natural foot motion for shock absorption and pain relief.

  • [Ideal for Daily Wear]

These arch support shoe pads are easy to install in all different types of shoes, such as sneakers, boots, casual shoes, high heels, flat shoes, etc. The insoles can be cut to fit your shoe size.



How the orthotics help

  • The orthotics provide gentle yet firm arch support for those who suffer from flat feet or plantar fascia pain and also has a cushioning heel pad that provides relief from the impact caused by walking and running, as well as the stress of standing for extended periods.


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